Ask yourself this, Am I interpreting this accurately!

So often when strong emotions are involved

We create stories in our heads of what we feel is happening and why, and then convince ourselves it’s the truth and not just our perception of what the situation really is.

This can create unsettling thoughts, feelings, and reactions that can lead to further distress and issues that don’t need to be. It is valuable in these moments to ask yourself; “

Am I interpreting this correctly?

Is there something I may not be seeing?

Information I may be missing?

What else is possible?

What else could cause that person to act this way?

The other day I was visiting a friend when her neighbor came outside.

She smiled and said hello. The neighbor gave a slight nod and as quickly as she could, went back into her house. My friend, shocked by the reaction of the neighbor she considered a friend, immediately started trying to sort why her friend was so cold and distant. She started talking about all the times she helped her and was there for her and she treats her like this… she obviously takes her for granted, she’s obviously only nice when she needs something, apparently they were never really friends and she was a fool for being so kind and generous.

She decided that she wasn’t going to be as kind as she had been previously. She did not deserve to be treated that way and she was hurt.

Listening to my friend, I asked her if she could think of anything else that would make her friend behave that way? I asked if there were ever times that “she really didn’t want to be around people”, even people she cared for? I didn’t know the real reason this woman responded that way but, I could see my friends hurt increasing the more she tried to figure it out!

In the end, it turned out that her neighbor just found out her sister was diagnosed with cancer.

You really need to ask yourself “often”, Am I interpreting this accurately or, am I projecting how I feel onto what is actually taking place? because most often than not this is the case and can save a lot of heartache for you and who is involved please take care of your thoughts.

As always Wishing you health, peace, equality, and empowerment.
Xxx J.W 🙏💙

“Once you make a decision, the challenges we face, they are important ones.”

Wind of Change
Image by AlicePopkorn via Flickr

The challenges we face, they are important ones.

We all make choices every day—thousands of them. Most of them seem insignificant, but they all matter.

Whether you turn left or right out of your driveway makes a difference. What you have for lunch—and where you have that lunch—could matter greatly. What you say to your co-worker—or don’t say—makes a difference. Whether you make a phone call—and who you call—could have substantial ramifications.

Everything matters because everything we do—and don’t do—affects everything else. Our success or failure is ultimately determined by the choices we make.

If that’s the case, you would think that choosing wisely would be a valuable skill to learn and improve upon. But I don’t see a lot of instruction or support in making good decisions. Being more conscious of our choices is a great place to start.

In thinking about choices, most people tend to think of the big ones. And certainly there is a difference between choosing which newspaper to buy and whom you will marry. But small things add up. The aggregate of our decisions makes them significant. I can choose to have a second helping at dinner today. And that won’t make much of a difference. But if I do that daily, the result will be added pounds in a fairly short period of time. And seemingly small choices can turn out to be very big indeed. So I think the first step in making good decisions is to be aware that they all matter. And it’s important to realize that we ALWAYS have choices. It might not seem like it, but we do.

We may say we have to go to work or make dinner for the kids, but we are CHOOSING to do these things—whether it feels like it or not. As I look at the freedom and the choices I have available to me today, I realize that it’s mostly because of the good choices I have made and I am very grateful. And if I look at where I DON’T have as much choice, it’s due to the not-so-great choices I made. The better choices we make, the more freedom and choice we will have throughout our lives.

And if we’re paying attention, if we’re thinking, noticing, questioning, contemplating and observing, we will make better choices. They won’t all be right—there’s no way for that to happen. But by being more conscious of our decisions, we will make more helpful than hurtful choices.

Our mission here at Mediums World is to inform, inspire and empower people to be their best—both personally and professionally. We rarely tell you what to do. Our intention is to give you tools, information, share ideas and help you have more insight so you can make better choices.

When selecting your goals, deciding who to spend time with, what to read, watch or support, be sure to honour your choices—and choose wisely.