#COVID19 Aged 19 year’s!

Start the healing process!


Frankly I don’t know where to start as I’m here once again thrust into the unknown. Another brother has lost a child this time to Covid19. This is 2 nephew’s and a niece in three years, that’s 1 loss a year… I’m broken and deeply saddened is this even going to end!.

I can’t even think of the words for what I’m feeling. He was just a child 19 year old, he had everything going for him. Another close member of the family that I’ve watched grow up from a tiny beautiful gorgeous little baby, that’s grown up alongside my children and became one of their best friends and was a big part of our lives.

I am beyond broken and devastated. He was the young and becoming  famous member of the family of whom we was so so proud of. Before lockdown he was in talks to travel to Japan for his wrestling. He was a true studying artist He had a cracking career ahead of him.

He was taken.

19 Year old Cameron Wellington past on the 19th November after deteriorating further, Well you gave it your all Cameron, even checked yourself into the hospital. Doctors were freaked out by that with his condition. He had a blood clot on his lungs and heart and his blood was burning him from the inside like acid to the point he had to be put in a coma. Then he had to go through not one but two operations within hours of each other but he didn’t complain nor was he scared. He truly was a fighter to the end and lived up to his wrestling reputation. Your suffering is over and you’re in a better place with the rest of your family to look after you now.  We’re never going to forget you or any of the great memories you gave. We love you and we’re gonna miss you R.I.P. Don’t get too comfortable with the peace and quiet up there from us it’s not forever this is not the end.


If you were ever to meet Cameron he just had the biggest heart you could ever imagine, an infectious smile, big personality, anyone who’s ever met him would say he was just a wonderful young man and I shall truly miss him and so will many. He left us too soon but left a small legacy behind just to well miss to ever be forgotten.

“Treasured in my heart you’ll stay, until we meet again some day. Rest in peace.” Cameron Wellington “🙏 💙

Caution Take it seriously! COVID19

“I would urge everyone to be very guarded in terms of assuming that this is just another cold or flu virus – it is not there’s no such thing as invincibility from this virus it’s taking our children too!!” Here is the evidence Young people really need to take this seriously, they’re not immune to this disease.” Please be cautious no one has an exemption certificate! It shows no mercy.


‘Remember him with a smile’: Tributes after Walsall teenager dies from Covid-19

Tragedy as ‘fit and healthy’ Walsall wrestler Cam Wellington, 19, dies of Covid

GoFundMe Page.

Here is his GoFundMe page please show support during this time for a young 19 year old Cameron Wellington Passed away with COVID19 leaving Mom, Dad and 5 siblings behind. Please share this post on to your pages that would be great too! Please don’t stop donating Cameron’s parents really wish to give him the professional send off that he truly deserves! It’s the last thing that they can do for him. Thank you for all your support.👍 🙏💙

You need to understand how precious time is.

In the meantime every day find time to talk with someone you don’t know. Listen to their story. Do it in person. Learn from them. Be your brother’s keeper, your sister’s shelter. When a neighbour is in need or a thirsty young mind is denied the challenges and opportunities to grow and flourish, or a sister or brother is crushed by a purposefully flawed criminal justice system that rewards winning rather than justice, find a way to do something about it now.

If you have a teacher or mentor who made a great or even small impact on your life, tell them. Call them, write to them, let them know what a wonderful impact they had on you. Life is too short not to validate the ones who have changed our lives in a profound way. Then there will be no regrets when they pass on because you already told them what was in your heart, and your life will be richer for it in ways that you never dreamed. It’s not about being perfect.

Young people need to know that the things that make you successful at school, like following rules, working the hardest and being perfect, are not what will make you happy outside of school. Follow your instincts, experiment, try things out, talk to people “way out of your professional league,” and keep dreaming big dreams. There is always a way out no matter how bad it seems — that job, that career path, that relationship — trust yourself enough to let it go if it is making you question your self-worth or it isn’t what you want to be remembered for. God bless you all and please take care of you and your loved ones.🙏💙°*”˜.•°*”˜💙🙏 ˜”*°•.˜”*°💙🙏

Please take care and really look after yourselves out there…

Wishing you health, peace, safety and empowerment Xxx ~Joanne Wellington ~ 🙏🏻

Copyright © 2020  Joanne Wellington All Rights Reserved.

For all the ladies to remember & men to understand

When God created woman he was working late on the 6th day…….
An angel came by and asked."

For all the ladies to remember & men to understand

When God created woman he was working late on the 6th day…….
An angel came by and asked.”

Why spend so much time on her?”
The lord answered. “Have you seen all the specifications I have to meet to shape her?” She must function in all kinds of situations, She must be able to embrace several kids at the same time,
Have a hug that can heal anything from a bruised knee to a broken heart,
She must do all this with only two hands, “She cures herself when sick and can work 18 hours a day”

THE ANGEL was impressed “Just two hands…..impossible! And this is the standard model?”

The Angel came closer and touched the woman

“But you have made her so soft, Lord”.
“She is soft”, said the Lord, But I have made her strong.

You can’t imagine what she can endure and overcome.”
Can she think?” The Angel asked…
The Lord answered. “Not only can she think, she can reason and negotiate.”

The Angel touched her cheeks….
“Lord, it seems this creation is leaking! You have put too many burdens on her”
“She is not leaking…it is a tear” The Lord corrected the Angel…
“What’s it for?” Asked the Angel….. .
The Lord said.

“Tears are her way of expressing her grief, her doubts, her love, her loneliness, her suffering and her pride.”…This made a big impression on the Angel, “Lord, you are a genius. You thought of everything”.
A woman is indeed marvellous”
Lord said. “Indeed she is”.

She has strength that amazes a man.
She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens.
She holds happiness, love and opinions.
She smiles when she feels like screaming.

She sings when she feels like crying, cries when happy and laughs when afraid.

She fights for what she believes in.
Her love is unconditional.
Her heart is broken when a next-of-kin or a friend dies but she finds strength to get on with life.

The Angel asked: “So she is a perfect being?”
The lord replied: “No.

She has just one drawback
She often forgets what she is worth.

Have a good day. Wishing you health, peace and empowerment always.
Xxx ~J.W~ 🙏🏻 💙

Do You Buy Into Giving People Labels?

“Once you label me you negate me.” -Soren Kierkegaard

When you were growing up do you remember the labels people would put on you or other kids? Even teachers and parents would label kids and typically those labels stuck like glue throughout their lives.

label peopleI’m sure you’ve seen small children hide their face when you say “hi” to them. I cringe every time I hear a parent say, “Oh he/she’s shy,” as if the kid is shy and deaf too!

When talking about their kids I’ve heard parents say, “Oh he/she’s the smart one, or so-and-so is the athletic one, or this one is lazy and that one’s our helper.

OMG….don’t people get it? Can’t they hear themselves? Don’t they realize how they are setting their kids up to fail? Children are so impressionable and of course they believe their parents.

It’s so sad to watch a classmate be labeled nerd, snob, bitch, slut, loser, fatso, shy one and on and on. These labels sadly define that child’s experience throughout their school years and not only causes a daily silent misery but it irreparably whittles away at their self esteem.

Can you imagine for one second if it were you who had to endure such cruelty instead of them? Not to mention how alone they must feel.

Unfortunately for some this kind of labeling continues its stranglehold into adulthood. These children grow up carrying around these labels and suffer with issues and insecurities throughout their lifetime. And, they don’t realize how little they deserve it.

When you buy into the labels that people have pinned on you, you never live up to your full potential and you allow other people to determine how you live your life. Worse yet, you may start to believe them yourself.

Don’t ever let anyone define you to be any less than who you truly are; a capable, strong, loving, caring, wonderful soul who has the potential to be, have or do anything.

People can call you names but it’s up to you whether you answer to that name or not.

Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was 4 years old and didn’t read until he was 7. I’m sure they called him stupid! Thomas Edison’s teacher said he was too stupid to learn anything. Winston Churchill failed sixth grade and Isaac Newton did very poorly in grade school!

I know people whose parents have belittled them, told them they would never amount to anything, they weren’t good enough and if I can’t love you who can. The pain is still so palpable when speaking with them that it makes we want to cry and breaking these beliefs can take a lifetime.

So the next time you hear someone put anyone else down stop them in their tracks. The next time you tell yourself you’re not good enough, the next time you walk around with that old, worn out lie around your neck, rip it off, rip it up and throw away the garbage that other people fed you long ago.

Know deep down inside that you are who YOU say you are, not what others say you are. Know that you have people who love you and believe you are special to them. And without you, their lives wouldn’t be the same. Know that no one and no thing can ever define you unless you give them permission.

Go out today and celebrate that you can finally have a relationship with your true self. The self that has the potential to be and feel so much more and who can let go of the suffering that these labels have imposed on you.

Rejoice in your light because the truth is we are love, we are special in so many different ways and only we can choose whether we buy into the labels or not.

Susan Russo – About the Author:
Do you want to find out how to change your life for the best? Susan Russo is an author and coach who has inspired people from around the world learn the secrets of finding happiness within. Would you like to learn the secrets?

Emotional Healing Examined

“How can we eliminate the deepest source of all unsatisfactory  experience? Only by cultivating certain qualities within our mindstream. Unless  we possess high spiritual qualifications, there is no doubt that events life  throws upon us will give rise to frustration, emotional turmoil, and other  distorted states of consciousness. These imperfect states of mind in turn give  rise to imperfect activities, and the seeds of suffering are ever planted in a  steady flow. On the other hand, when the mind can dwell in wisdom that knows the  ultimate mode of being, one is able to destroy the deepest root of distortion,  negative karma, and sorrow.” – From The Path To Enlightenment by His Holiness  the Dalai Lama

emotional healingWhat are these spiritual qualifications that His Holiness the Dalai  Lama refers to? This article will focus on emotional healing as this is the  starting point for revealing these spiritual qualifications. So let’s take a  close look at what it means to heal emotionally.

What is emotional healing? It is a painful process that leads to  peace, happiness and self-knowledge. Self-knowledge leads to liberation. It is  painful, because only painful emotions need to be healed. True happiness does  not need releasing! But true happiness remains un-experienced as long as there  is an escape from pain. It is the healing of buried pain that allows happiness  and joy to start to make a true entrance into our lives. This is because only  through self-acceptance can we really move forward in our lives.

The word pain is used here to cover the whole gamut of emotions,  negative thinking and blockages, including sadness, grief, loneliness, hurt,  fear, anger, guilt, judgment, betrayal, hatred, jealousy, envy and so on.

Emotional pain can be described as frozen feelings, stored in our body and  memory,  that lead to suffering. The suffering we experience may or may not  be openly acknowledged to ourselves or not. When we suffer due to some negative  emotion, if this is not acknowledged, the emotion gets lodged in us and remains  there and thus the ‘see3ds of suffering’ are planted. Suffering is  self-generated. No pain can be given to us from the outside. It is not the event but the thoughts we project  onto ourselves and others about the event that create suffering.

At some level we obviously enjoy our suffering. It’s obvious because  otherwise we wouldn’t be this way. After all, don’t most of us consider  ourselves to be knowledgeable, clever, in control and aware? But despite all  these attributes people constantly find themselves facing the same patterns, the  same scenarios and the same problems time and time again.  It’s like we  lock ourselves into the prison of our own suffering, throw away the key and then  complain when we ‘can’t’ open the door; yet the key is in our own pocket all  along. You might say that this is a rather harsh view, and it perhaps seems so  on the surface. The point is that it’s not about eradicating suffering,  for this is part of life, but of acknowledging it for what it is.  Calling a spade a spade. And not lawnmower.

In order to understand why individuals are responsible for their own  suffering let’s enquire more deeply into the subject.

The majority of us have emotions stemming from our past, mostly with their  origins in childhood. Given the society we live in, these emotions are difficult  for us to express. We learn from a young age to keep them hidden inside us,  since everyone else is doing the same. We watch others: our parents, siblings,  other family members, friends as well as people in general. We notice that they  suppress their emotions and try to always appear in control. Seeing our closest  loved ones withholding their emotions from us – as well as thereby withholding  their expressions of love – may even lead to deep issues of co-dependency. These  patterns do not shift easily as one get older, rather become more and more  entrenched. Wisdom is not an automatic given of ageing! Or maybe as a child we  did show our emotions but got hurt in the process, so we decided at a  subconscious level to hide our feelings, for fear of being hurt again.   This is all very understandable and an aspect of the human condition as it is at  present. But this is not the road to joy and peace. For pain can’t be eradicated  by the suppression of it. And happiness can’t be attained through pretense (the  mind projecting a self-image of ‘I am happy.’)

John Pierrakos, MD, one of the first psychiatrists to bridge medicine with  spirituality, said, “Negative emotion will emerge in devious ways when it is  denied recognition.” Thus, if we wish to live a true, fulfilled life,  suppression is not an option. Moreover, John Pierrakos also said, “If we  close off negative feelings, we stop our creative process.” Thus the  suppression of emotions leads to dull lives, lacking in vitality and free  expression; and moreover, keeps us starved of real love, given and received.

Over time, we come to believe our cover-ups and to buy into our own story of  self-control believing we’re ‘fine’. Our emotional life becomes more and more  hidden. Sometimes, when we do feel real feeling – maybe when we watch a film  that moves us, or feel touched by someone’s act of kindness or due to a painful  experience in our lives – we may allow real emotion to surface for a short  while, but we are mostly still unable to fully express it. The foot is quickly  back on the break pedal. Our habitual suppression kicks in automatically. We  have trained ourselves well!  And thus, as we go through life, with all the  stresses and demands upon us, we may sometimes feel anguished and confused, but we are inept at expressing what really lies  within us. As we lose connection with our own feeling center, we may even be  unaware of what our true feelings are, since denial becomes the new reality  during this suppression process. But denial is a painful game we play with  ourselves, and if we are honest with ourselves, we can sense this dichotomy in  us, a fragmentation, an inner conflict. We may have a niggling sense that we  haven’t turned out to be the quite the person we thought we would be, or that  life has somehow been harder than expected or that the quality of happiness we  hoped for ourselves hasn’t manifested.

Eckhart Tolle, in the Power of Now, says: “The best indicator of your  level of consciousness is how you deal with life’s challenges when they come.  Through those challenges, an already unconscious person tends to become more  deeply unconscious. You can use a challenge to awaken you, or you can allow it  to pull you into even deeper sleep. The dream of ordinary unconsciousness then  turns into a nightmare.”

This nightmare is one that most of us believe to be normal life. But real  life is not this. If we open our eyes we will see the vast dichotomy between the  quality of our inner experience and what we think or prefer to believe  is our experience. This game that we  constantly play with ourselves – a game that takes a serious toll eventually – is called ego. The ego – or personality – has a lot invested in our delusional  patterns and keeping us this way.

If we can allow ourselves to become aware of this inner confusion and sense  of dissatisfaction, then we have a chance to heal. If we remain unconscious to  the world of emotions, life will continue on an unconscious path, a veritable  battle to keep at bay what needs to come to the fore in order for us to become  more whole. If we are truly honest with ourselves, we know that in our daily  lives there are many instances of conflict or some negative emotion. But due to  our inability to assimilate such emotions, we shy away from admitting this. The  disease of the human condition to deny what is so and believe what we want to  believe, lies at the heart of our own self-generated suffering.  But the  energy expended in keeping emotions at an arm’s length may as well be used to  deal with these emotions because one day we’ll make that choice anyway. Finally we may say ‘enough is enough, I need  to change’. In the end, whether now, in ten years, at the point of death, or  beyond, our heart will feel the call to finally soften. But why wait? Why  accumulate more ‘stuff’? Why deny? There is much healing to be done on this  planet. It creaks heavily with the pain and suffering that its people are  holding on to everyday.

If, individually, we are willing to allow our perspective to shift with  regard to our beliefs about ourselves and take a step back from our fears, then  we are half-way there. What we then have is a transformational opportunity that  the release of emotions presents. In fact without it, growth – emotional, mental  and spiritual – is impossible. When there’s an elephant in the middle of the  room, there’s an elephant in the middle of the room!

It is often the case that emotional work requires a catalyst because it is  not easy to look at ourselves in an honest way in the normal course of events  due to the walls we place around ourselves, especially as we go on hiding  ourselves from ourselves. But finally, there comes a point when the game’s up.  So at a certain point in our life, a trigger may present itself that will take  us out of our comfort zone. The trigger may be many and varied – loss of some  kind, bereavement, mounting stress, illness, redundancy, addictive patterns  becoming worse, a sudden change in our lives, or simply a weariness or low-lying  depression. The pain that we feel at these times is a message from our heart  asking us to shift our thinking and beliefs. We ignore this message to our  detriment. The breeze of truth is knocking on the door. This truly is a  blessing!

But better than waiting for such a catalyst we can also feed our own natural  curiosity and with intent can become more conscious.

So what is ‘the process’ for emotional healing?

It is quite simply to feel the pain. To sink into it. For  women, it’s a bit like labour pains when they tell you to just let the pain  come. This is the key in the pocket. Also, the pain is felt in the body, our  faithful mirror, and we can now look at where exactly it is in the body. Perhaps  it is in the chest area, or maybe the belly. Our body can show us much more  about ourselves if we listen to it and it doesn’t lie. For example, cancer  patients who have ridden themselves of cancer have, in the process of healing,  usually had to look within themselves at the negative emotions they have been  holding onto, and release them.

It is often beneficial if the origin of the painful memories can be  remembered but this is not essential. Even if you can’t remember the exact  circumstances or conditions at the time of the pain being created inside you,  the emotion itself is still stored and this can be felt. Energy never  disappears, especially where there is much emotional charge.

Where does the anguish or anger come from? What are the beliefs you hold  about yourself concerning this situation? Usually at the base of pain is a  closely-guarded belief about ourselves, something we do not care to admit to  easily. A feeling of unworthiness, not being good enough or some negative  self-belief. Stating this belief in one sentence is often a good way of  pin-pointing it. When we find the limiting belief, we will usually feel deep  emotion arise, and the tears need to be allowed as they arise. Fear not! Tears  and suffering are finite.

Whatever the circumstances, we ultimately created our own pain alone, and we  must deal with it alone. Whether someone else is present when we go through this  is our choice – and it can certainly be very beneficial eg a therapist, holistic  practitioner or trusted friend – but no one can feel the pain for us and or take  responsibility for it, other than us. This work is done alone ultimately.  However there are many tools and techniques that can help us with this work, eg  Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Core Energetics, EFT, Spiritual Healing and much  more.

For men, it is often harder to allow themselves to admit to and feel deep  pain, and to weep. But this is a huge release. Feeling the pain is necessary if  healing is to occur, regardless of whether you’re a man or woman. Ultimately the  gender divide is immaterial. It is time for men to allow balance between the  male and female energies within them. Just because you’re a man, it doesn’t mean  you’re not sensitive. Sensitivity is the birthright of both genders. Have you  seen how sensitive babies are, both girls and boys? It’s just adults who have  formed walls around their heart. Now the heart is gasping for air.

Healing ourselves is an allowing of whatever memories and thoughts arise  without resistance. It’s the resistance to what is arising that turns pain into  suffering. Resisting anything in life causes some level of suffering.   We’ve heard the expression, ‘what you resist persists.’ So there is simply no  deeper way to heal than to allow pain to surface whenever it shows up. But be  careful not to resist the resistance! Even this must be allowed.

When we are real with ourselves, there is a great release and freeing up that  takes place. This is because we are no longer the same person anymore. We are  still who we always were, but now, without the burden of that pain. J  Krishnamurti said, “Pain itself destroys pain. Suffering itself frees man  from suffering.” This is because in feeling our pain purely,  without resistance, it is released and is no more pain, but rather freedom. It’s  the freedom of being liberated into the full-feeling, authentic human beings  that we really are.

The act of self-healing is an act of self-love. And love truly is the  transformative power. Self-love is the starting point. How can we love another  when we have little idea how to love ourselves? How can we love ourselves when  we deny ourselves due to feelings of shame, insecurity or guilt? Loving oneself  is like nurturing a brand new baby. It’s a nice analogy. As a loving parent  would you want your baby to suppress its needs and suffer silently or would you  want your baby to express its needs and have these met? Uncannily, we may see  that it is the nakedness of love that really terrifies us. Love terrifies us  much more than fear.  We are not used to love in its tenderness. But there  is ultimately no other option. We are here to learn the lesson of love.

The understanding and empathy that come from being more gentle with ourselves  enables us to be gentler towards others. In learning to love ourselves, we learn  what it means to forgive ourselves. Forgiveness is deeply healing. It allows a  softening in the place where we were stuck and hardened.

Once we do such release work, the sensation or experience we may feel is that  a fog has lifted from in front of our eyes, yet only now do we know this fog was  ever there. A sense of surprise that the problem was a problem in the first  place. Our eyes see as if for the first time. We lighten up. Phew! A heavy  weight lifts. We begin to let go of our addiction to pain and suffering, for it  is that: an addiction. It is what we are used to. We may finally see that  shocking events only exist to shock us into awakening to the truth of life. And  what is the truth exactly? It is that all our emotions and pain are not real. If  they were we could not shed them, or heal them. For what is real does not  require shedding, it simply is. The truth is that we are complete and whole as  we are, and this real Self requires no healing. All the events and situations  that arise that challenge us are for the purpose of unveiling the real Self,  where we finally find peace and rest.

The reason that the release of hidden pain provides such relief is that we  feel a rare moment of existing in the Now, of being present to ourselves. This  is a profound experience, for it is only in being present to ‘what is’ that we  can truly experience ourselves as real.

Pain cannot exist except in our minds, our closely guarded memories, and the  beliefs we hold about ourselves and others. These are simply a protection  mechanism for fears that do not exist in reality. Ultimately all pain and  suffering are an illusion – hard as this may be for the mind to accept. How we  know fear doesn’t exist in reality is because in those beautiful, alive moments  when we are wholly present to what is, we feel freedom and lightness. There is  no fear then.

And what does life look like without undue suffering? David Spero, a great  spiritual teacher based in California, says, “The more profoundly we go into  our emotional states, going deep into the fabric of our emotional life (that  which is true for us) and release that which has been put there through some  form of abuse or some form of betrayal – working through that you begin to feel  naturally what you feel in an unhurt state.” Fundamentally, we are all  innately happy and peaceful.

Sri Ramana Maharshi (1879 – 1950), the Indian sage who attained enlightenment  at the age of 16, said: “Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire  it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.”

To unveil this state of happiness we must first look at its distortions. We  can only discover it by going into and through the level of guilt and negativity  we carry inside. This allows the moment to be experienced unresisted. Then  sorrow is transcended and our own innate joyful nature allowed to surface. And  in being true to our real Self, we experience deep satisfaction. Finally, we are  home.

Reena  Gagneja – Counselor –    About the Author:

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Reena Gagneja is an internet marketer and runs the Spiritual Truth Blog,  where you will find the Truth behind the scenes – vital information for  these changing times. She is a Spiritual Counsellor, Soul Plan Reader and Amega  Global Business Associate.

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Ignorance leads to suffering.

Each one of us must have heard the expression “Ignorance is bliss”. Now what does this mean? What is the context in which this expression is true? Let us see some situations in which this expression is likely to be true:

Avoidance of potentially bad news:

A patient has been diagnosed to be terminally ill and has only a few months to live. The doctor privately reveals the undesirable diagnosis to his close family members. The family members, after some discussion, conclude not to tell the patients about his illness. Their motive is that, by not knowing about the illness, the person would not get into depression and thus further accelerate his death. He would spend whatever time he has left being relatively happy.


Over time, society has become very specialized.  We have doctors, engineers, business people, teachers, lawyers, various technicians, farmers, mill workers etc.  Each one of us trains many years developing skills in a specific area. We are very good at what we do, but remain relatively ignorant of other areas of speciality. Most people are glad that they do not have to learn farming in order to feed their stomach. Likewise, its nice that we do not have to attend medical college to treat ourselves when we get sick. We can simply go to a doctor and he will take care of restoring our health. In the same way, business outsource what is not their core expertise to other businesses that can do the same work more efficiently and cheaply. They would rather have someone else do work that is not part of their core expertise – they are happy to remain ignorant of how that work is done, as long as the work meet their quality and budget requirements.

Thus in the above cases, we saw examples where not knowing something was preferable. It saved us unnecessary trouble from having to put effort in order to learn something, or the potential of emotional pain thanks to learning about some bad news. Despite these examples that justify being ignorant, most of us intuitively know that “Knowledge is power”. We would rather not be ignorant. Most of us has had past experiences where we have suffered thanks to not knowing something. Let us take examples of life areas, where “Ignorance leads to suffering, and knowledge leads to joy”


This is an area where each one of us would readily acknowledge that “Ignorance is bliss” is not true. Every employer is looking for the best in their employees. The more skilled and knowledgeable we are, the more we are likely to thrive in business, amidst cut-throat competition. A successful career requires years of training and continuous learning. The same goes for businesses. New products and services are launched each day, and a company that is not able to keep up with its competition eventually goes out of business.


For hundreds of years, smoking tobacco was very popular, until studies were published linking smoking to lung cancer. Since then, awareness of the harmful effects of smoking has increased, leading to a decline of the use of tobacco. Most people who suffered and died of lung cancer in unawareness of the harmful affects of smoking would have preferred to know about the harmful effects of cigarettes, rather than suffer and die in ignorance. They would readily agree that “Ignorance is not bliss”.

Also, thanks to advancement in medical technology, a blood test can now revel so much about our health than a 100 years back. The test results reveals valuable information that we can choose to act on, which we would have been completely ignorant some generations back. It is no wonder that with the advancement of medical technology, the overall life-expectancy of people is increasing. Knowledge thus leads to increased well-being.


Most of the problems we have in relationships is due to lack of skill in dealing with people. Ignorance of the psychology of the opposite sex leads to many issues in which people who were once in love make each other very miserable. People give themselves and others a lot of pain due to not knowing how to deal with their own emotions and with the people close to them. Most people, out of ignorance, start by blaming outside situations and people for their misery, until they learn the skills to form successful relationships, romantic or otherwise. Relationships is thus an area where ignorance brings a lot of pain, whereas knowledge brings a lot of joy.


Many people are ignorant about money in one or more ways. Some people leave money on the table despite having the desire to earn more, perhaps due to ignorance of their own market value or lack of negotiation skills.  Some others are not able to spend what they earn wisely, causing financial problems. Some others are not good at investing and making it grow. Ignorance of financial skills thus tends to unfavorable situations, and knowledge eases the pain, and brings us the financial security that most people long for.


While we can outsource our work, we cannot outsource our life – no one else can live our life for us. Ignorance of our own self thus affects each one of us adversely.  According to all religions and spiritual traditions, it is ignorance of our true nature that leads to suffering. According to all great spiritual masters, we think that we are the ego – a limited entity, identified with our body, our mind, our intellect, and with the things we do, things we possess, and what others think of us. This identification with our ego is one ignorance we all have, which leads to utmost suffering. The enlightened masters on the other hand, are forever in a state of bliss, thanks to being firmly established in the knowledge of the self. Clearly out here, it is knowledge, not ignorance that leads to bliss.

Although most of us may acknowledge that “Ignorance leads to suffering, and knowledge leads to joy”, the challenge is that we are ignorant of our ignorance! We do not know what we have yet to learn. Only someone who knows what we do not know can teach us what we are ignorant of, and that too only if we are humble enough to accept our ignorance and seek knowledge. How can we find out whether we are ignorant of something? One way to gauge our level of ignorance is to take a look at any life area and see how much suffering or joy we experience in that life area. If we are experiencing pain and suffering, chances are that there is something we have yet to learn, which if learnt, will remove the suffering in that area and bring us more joy. Knowledge thus is the only prescription that alleviates suffering.

Inspired by Sudhir Krishnan.