Let us dive right into these hacks to help counter unfair negative self-judgment.

1. Discover the Noxious Self-Judgment

For a doctor to treat a condition, the first step is to identify it. Similarly, the first step when trying to fight the unfair negative self-judgment is discovering those negative thoughts. So take some time and notice the areas where you tend to judge yourself harshly.

2.Render the negative self-talk as neutral.

The second step is to classify the thoughts as neutral. This relates closely to mindfulness practices where you focus on the experience rather than the automatic emotion that arises.

The goal is to encourage a review of the situation objectively and consider all possible interpretations.

By focusing on neutral thoughts you encourage problem solving rather than self-judgement.

You learn to see the reality of the situation, not how you wish things could be or how the negative thoughts are colouring the experience.

3.Avoid Ruminating on Painful Self-Reflection.

Self-reflection involves looking at your past choices and the experiences you had. Research shows that self-reflection plays a central role in self-development, however ruminating on negative self-reflection is a terrible trap when trying to fight negative self-talk.

Unfortunately, most people fall into this trap of negative reflection effortlessly.

To escape this trap you can consider guidance and counseling, join a support group, use affirmations or practice reframing the painful reflections, what else could be true? Is there another way to interpret the situation? Yes there always is!

4.Learn to transform self-doubt into self-acceptance.

Self-doubt and fear undercut confidence. You can transform your self-doubt into self-acceptance by celebrating your accomplishments, identifying your strengths and how you might apply them to this situation, embrace what makes you unique, practice self-compassion and recognize that you are a work in progress, learning and growing through life.

See mistakes as lessons and opportunities to grow and improve.

5. Pay attention to your patterns.

It is important you examine your habits, beliefs and patterns so you can better understand when this self-criticism is likely to occur. This allows you to come up with a plan to combat it before it begins.

Wishing you all… the eyes that see the beauty in change and for bettering yourselve’s!

Have a good day Wishing you health, peace and empowerment.
Xxx ~J.W~ 🙏🏻💙

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