To change your life, change your beliefs “simple”.

Commentary by Joanne

Beliefs are a powerful mechanism by which our subconscious mind gets programmed. Whatever our beliefs, our mind strives to prove to us that it is true. We get back what we believe about the world, as the universe has no choice but to offer situations that match our beliefs.  Thus the best way to create better experiences is to take away all limiting beliefs that we have formed about ourselves and replace them by positive beliefs.

 Elephants in captivity are trained from an early age not to roam around beyond a restricted area. One leg of a baby elephant is tied with a rope to a wooden post planted in the ground. The rope confines the baby elephant to an area determined by the length of the rope. Initially the baby elephant tries to break free from the rope, but the rope is too strong. The baby elephant “learns” that it can’t break the rope. When the elephant grows up and is strong, it could easily break the same rope. However since it learned that it couldn’t break the rope when it was young, the adult elephant believes that it still can’t break the rope, so it doesn’t even try. This is how we limit ourselves with our beliefs throughout our life. The only limitations we have are the ones we impose on ourselves.


Examples of some limiting beliefs:

  • This article is good, but very difficult to apply in real life. Almost every post attracts a few of these responses! 🙂
  • Meditation is difficult and does not work for me.
  • I am to too old to be able to learn that now.
  • I am too young to learn about spirituality now.
  • I am not good enough for the task.
  • I am good, but this world does not favor good people.
  • My wishes never come true.

Examples of some of my beliefs:

  • I am loved. There is no lack of love in my life.
  • Everybody I meet is beautiful, wonderful and full of love.
  • Everybody I encounter is helping me on my path – they are out there for me as I am for them.
  • Everybody I interact with is God in human form giving me the exact experience I asked for – good or bad. If it’s not something I like, then there is something I need to learn that I have not yet learnt.
  • Everybody around is conspiring to make me successful. Jack Canfield calls this “Being an Inverse paranoid”.
  • Everything I need is within me – there is nothing I lack. I attract the right people, things and situations in order to experience life the way I am here to experience.