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Consciously or unconsciously, you created your present with all the thoughts you thought in your past. In the same way, the future you create will be based on the thoughts that you think today. If you choose negative thoughts, you are creating a future you do not want. Conversely, if you choose positive thoughts, you are creating a future that you want. Being more and more aware of your thoughts and choosing more and more positive thoughts that you act on is thus the key to create the future you want.

Does a soul-mate really exist?

Does a soul-mate really exist? 

As we move through life, we come across certain qualities in people that we are naturally attracted to. It could be something to do with how they look and carry themselves, perhaps it is their sense of humor or intelligence, it could be how caring and understanding they are, or maybe we fall for some of their unique talents and skills. At the same time, life subjects us to people whose qualities do not make us feel very good – through interaction with these people, we realize traits and behaviours in people that do not agree with us.


The desirable and undesirable qualities we observe around us cause us to seek people who match the qualities we adore, and move away from people whose qualities we not not appreciate. Each time we encounter people that are a match for what we want, there is an automatic asking that happens within us to have that person in our experience. Indeed, there are many people out there who could perfectly match the qualities you seek in your ideal partner. If you do meet such an ideal person, it is quite likely that you would feel great to be around the person. You could perhaps call such a person your soul mate.


The term “soul-mate” does not necessarily imply that there is only one person in the whole world that would match your preferences. Also, a soul-mate does not necessarily imply there is some mystical relationship that  you hold with this person for multiple life times. Rather, the term implies that this is a person around whom you are more likely to be aligned with your own soul. In a sense, each person we connect with deeply is a soul mate. The key thing in a relationship is that you be aligned with you. It is your alignment with yourself that makes all your relationships beautiful, and thus seeking a person with whom you are naturally aligned with yourself works wonders for your relationship.


How do I find my soul mate/partner?

Before you find a partner that is ideal for you, by law of attraction, you need to be a vibrational match for the experience you are seeking with your partner. This means you need to be clear about what you want from your relationship, and make sure that you are not resisting the experience with your vibrational misalignment  in any way.


Ways people normally get into vibrational misalignment with the partner they seek:

  • Focusing on present circumstances that are not ideal
  • Often times people who are actively seeking life partners feel frustrated and lonely – they are inherently focused on the absence of the partner that they desire in their life. By law of attraction, this focus on lack keep a person from being aligned with that they want. This misalignment keeps pushing the experience they seek away from them.

  • Focusing on past relationships that did not work: Some people constantly focus on past relationships that did not work out as they wanted. However when the focus is on what did not work, it is hard to be vibrationally aligned with what you do want. Focusing on the past situations that did not work is likely to bring you unsatisfying relationships that are not a match for what you want.
  • Feeling envious of people who  hold  the relationships you seek: People actively seeking relationships at times come across couples that seem to enjoy a perfect relationship with each other. When they meet such a couple, they compare their own life situation to the couple and get envious of the couple. This envy keeps them from being vibrationally misaligned with the partner that they seek, thus bringing them further situations where they experience envy, but no fulfillment of having the relationship they seek.


Here are ways you can get vibrationally aligned with your future partner:

  • Note down the qualities of people who you adore:
  • Whenever you come across people that you do like, do note down that this is something that you would like to have in your partner. This is putting out a clear request to the universe as to what you seek. The more clear you are, the better it works.

  • When you encounter couples you like, sincerely appreciate them: When you encounter couples that you adore, appreciate the way they take care of each other. Sincerely praise them from all your heart. When you appreciate something, you are saying to the universe “More of this in my life, please”
  • Get into vibrational alignment with yourself: Reach for a good feeling place within yourself. Being in alignment means being true to your own nature – which is being in love, appreciation, gratitude, and joy. Remember, no partner can make up for what is missing within you. You need to be compete within yourself to start with, so that your relationships also become naturally beautiful.


Think about the qualities of your future partner and the kind of relationship you will have with that person. If you feel pure positive energy flowing within you, and there is no attention to the fact that the person is currently missing in your life,  it is an indication that you are getting vibrationally aligned with what you desire in your future partner. By law of attraction, when there is no resistance, your partner could be very well on his or her way to meet you. 

~U are my sole~

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A little sole poem for those who that have found .

The purpose of our LIVES is to be happy.
And to get to our happy place…we must LOVE…WE LIVE TO LOVE…not always in a romantic way/doesn’t have to be but we LOVE…hope you have a wonderful day blessings ~Joanne~

If I Get your Smile;
I don’t Need Flowers..

If I get your Voice;
…I don’t Need Music..
If you Speak to Me,
I don’t Need to Listen
to Any Body Else..

If you are With Me,
I don’t Need the World