What attracted me to toxic people


When I stepped back

I took note of the toxic relationships in my life, I asked myself, what was it in me that was attracted to toxic people?

The surface answer came easy, I wanted to help people, I had an inner desire to save the world.

I then asked myself where that desire came from and why was that desire so strong that I was willing to dishonor myself to do so? After some reflection, I could see it all came back to me.

I had a lack of self worth and a drive to be there for others the way I wished someone had been there for me.

With this realization, I turned my attention to my own healing and began leading by example.

Share your talents and resources. Generously give your time and attention. But you cannot pour a magical tonic on the wounds of every person walking the planet. You cannot fix everyone It’s not your job. And if it were, it’d be a sucky job because you’d fail at it trying to do it every single day.

The only person we truly have the power to heal, is ourselves.

Have a good day Wishing you health, peace and empowerment.
Xxx ~J.W~ 🙏🏻💙