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One way to increase positive realities in our lives is to become complaint-free. Complaining, either silently or aloud, pours energy into what we DON’T want and imposes limits on all the opportunities that are available.

The ingredients which fuel stress-free, complaint-free living are simple and powerful new agreements. We are talking about INNER agreements.

It’s important to realize you can create new agreements with yourself. Silent ones… Powerful ones… Confidential ones….

Here is a list of seven powerful self-agreements or self-commitments to make that will untangle you from the web of mental noise, complaints, and stress:

1. I commit to treat mind chatter as a teacher, showing me what is true and what is illusion.

2. I agree to take new action when I feel stuck on the treadmill of my mind.

3. I agree to accept myself when I think negative thoughts or feel stress.

4. I commit to zero complaining about my life, people, and events.

5. I agree not to be harsh with myself when I cannot shut my mind off.

6. I agree to use mind chatter to show me a larger self identity, one already free inside.

7. I agree to use play and humor as ladders to raise me out of mental noise.

Let each of these work themselves into your awareness throughout the day. Take them into your heart and watch how things shift.

Blessings, Light Workers World