I AM holds a lot of power.



Hello my lovelies, I AM holds a lot of power. Words hold a lot of power. When using the spoken word or the written word I try put I AM before most of my affirmations. It solidifies them for me. Try sayinging something with I AM before it. Do it now. Stand or sit up right. Hold up your head and say I AM STRONG. see how it feels. Say it again. Now say I would like to be strong. Feel the difference. Now that is exactly how the Universe hears you so which one do you want the Universe to hear because it will do its very best to give it to you.. On the second statement you had left no time limit. It has no real destination to it. I AM says you are NOW and this is why affirmations need to be said as though they’ve already happened. I know so people struggle to understand that concept but I believe it makes perfect sense. I write affirmations every night, page full and every month I change them around a bit just as things in my life change but there are always the same few personal statements I use all the time. I don’t just think them nor do I just think about how grateful I am either. I write it down every night too. They Continue reading “I AM holds a lot of power.”