“Every exit is a new entry to somewhere else”

by Joanne Wellington

When one door closes, another one opens but sometimes we have to be the ones willing to initiate opening new doors in our lives and be willing to take the chance to walk through them also or else we will never discover what better opportunities await us out there .

Change can be scary, it is up to us to make the changes if we really want to change our life for the better.


Each of us has an important role to play in life and no role is insignificant. The places we find ourselves in, where ever we may be at the time, is where we are supposed to be at that particular moment because whether we know it or not, it’s where we are needed to make a difference.

Always be who you are and know that by being you, you’re touching the lives of those around you in some way whether it being  good or bad, I will say once again this way of life has been given to us to guide us on our path, to show us that everything that we do has a reaction, to teach us that we must honour and respect the world in which we live and the people with whom we share this world, regardless of their race, colour, creed, status or opinions so taking care in our actions is very  important…!

Never regret loving or caring about others; even if they hurt you, Every time you experience a painful moment you have a choice. You can remain in the pain, become the pain of your circumstance, and that too will expand. Or, you can catapult it  to a greater existence, utilizing your moments to envision your future instead of giving them away to your past, and prolonging your hurt.

Remember that every person we encounter in life helps to shape it in some way, showing us things about ourselves we might not have ever known; to close one’s heart off to hate is easy but to open the heart to love takes real courage and strength this is how I have gotten through some real raw deals that life has thrown at me.

Letting go is not always giving up or losing; sometimes letting go opens the door and paves the way for more positive things to happen and take place in our lives; even though it may be hard to say goodbye and that we must do at times, we owe it to ourselves to move on and not hold ourselves back from finding out what  awaits for us in life to continue.

Life is like a lifetime of lessons, Anyone who keeps on learning not only remains young, but becomes constantly more valuable regardless of physical capacity…And  once the lesson has been learnt, then it truly is  time to move on, it is important for those  doors to close so that the new ones can opened… so brace yourself be willing and except that everything happens for a reason and that “Every exit is a new entry to somewhere else,,

Written by Joanne Wellington

Copyright © 2010,2015 Joanne Wellington All Rights Reserved.