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Time to do your work as ONE .. lets do it:.. They have issued a state of emergency “critical”  as radiation is leaking from the Fukushima nuclear power plant which was badly damaged in Friday’s earthquake and tsunami. They are now on their 4th explosion.. “this could effect us all”.. Please we must all pray and send love and protection to Japan and mother earth.. Like REALLY… please meditate as ONE and connect .. They say that we are all energy and can help .. up till now the winds have been going outwards towards sea which has helped tremendously I believe this is our prayers at work.. So I think we better give it a whirl as one may we offer up all of our energy in the form of love, healing and protection to those who are left to pick up the pieces and are having to endure much more fears. once again call on all those in spirit to channel through any help that can be given. 

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