Forgiveness – All in all~The Path To Healing & Spiritual Growth ~

The dictionary defines the word forgive as: [to pardon, as to for-give an enemy; to cease to feel resentment for, as to forgive an offense].

I have heard people say this many times: “I will never forgive them for what they did!”, as if by saying this they are causing harm to the person who hurt them. The reality is that they are doing the harm to themselves alone. As defined in the dictionary, when you forgive someone you “cease to feel resentment”. Resentment, along with anger, hate, jealousy and other negative emotions, will eat you up inside and can cause actual physical ailments and disease.

Often times after we have been emotionally, physically or spiritually hurt, the pain quickly turns to anger and resentment. We go over the episodes of the past in our heads, re-living each painful moment again and again like a never-ending nightmare. Each time we do this the old feelings surface and we once again feel the gut-wrenching pain the person caused us. By doing this we are living in the past instead of the present, and it can be a dangerous thing for everyone involved but the majority of danger falls right into your lap.

Many people feel that forgiveness is a gift. I agree! It is a gift, but not to the one you are forgiving. The gift is to yourself and what a wondrous gift it can be.

By forgiving the people who have hurt you in the past you set yourself free from the chains of resentment and other harmful emotions running rampant through your mind, body and spirit. By forgiving you are taking away the control the other person has over you. You are empowering yourself and growing by spiritual leaps and bounds. You will heal deep-rooted pain that perhaps you thought was gone a long time ago but has survived, living under all of the resentment that you have held onto for so long. By forgiving you are one step closer to your journey of self-growth and healing.

Some of you are on a journey of helping Creator to give healing to others who need it. The first step on your journey is to heal yourself. This can be very difficult as well as painful but the upside to the difficulties and pain is the end result, which is very rewarding indeed. It will be rewarding for both you as a healer and for those who you will help to heal.

I have heard of horrific and tragic stories relating to the suffering that people on this earth have gone through and like many of you, I have often asked how Creator could place anyone in such situations. The truth of the matter is that many people who have lived such suffering and painful lives, or have survived horrific events go on to become wonderful healers on this earth, doing Creator’s work.

They start foundations, organizations, become therapists, doctors, authors of self-help and spiritual books, host talk shows. The list goes on.

So perhaps this was Creator’s plan all along and we should be thankful for many of the sufferings that have taken place and that we have to endure. Without them many people would not be who they are today – stronger, healthier, more forgiving, more helpful to others, more loving.

I once held on to a great amount of anger towards someone who had caused me pain for many years. One day a spiritual healer asked me to surround this person in light and send him love. I looked at the spiritual healer as if she were crazy! How DARE she ask me to do such a thing! How did she even think I would be capable of forgiving someone who had hurt me so bad?! I tried to remain open to what she was telling me, but honestly did not believe I could go through with it.

Then she said something to me that grabbed my attention – “By forgiving him and sending him loving thoughts, you will free yourself and he will no longer have such a great hold on you”. As I drove home after speaking with her, I thought of this sentence many times and just the idea of the freedom from the pain sounded so joyous and peaceful, yet far away at the same time.

About a week later I quietly sat down and asked Creator to help me do what needed to be done. I asked Creator to surround this man in his light, and then sent loving thoughts to him along with my forgiveness. Most importantly, I forgave myself for the choices I had made during those years, and took responsibility for them as well. The pain that I had been holding for so long in my heart slowly poured out as I wept tears of sadness and joy at the same time. That day I freed myself from the chains of resentment and anger, from the pain I had endured for so many years, and from the control of a man who would no longer control anything about me, or within me…. I had healed myself with help from Creator, and from the spiritual healer who with one sentence changed me, and healed me. I am thankful to her and to my experience, for it has made me who I am today.

The next time you think of the act of forgiveness, try not to only see the other person(s) as the only recipient. for you are the most important recipient involved, and you are well worth it. ~ Carl Ven ~

Once again : Forgiveness.

It is a common misunderstanding that forgiveness is for the person who wronged us. When we are considering whether a person is deserving of our forgiveness or not, that very thought implies that we are passing judgement against him. When we think of the other person as having done an action that is wrong to us, we are saddened, hurt, …angered or in resentment. All these negative emotions make us feel terrible – they come at the expense of our happiness and peace of mind.When we decide to forgive, we release these bad feeling emotions and set ourselves free. Thus giving forgiveness is not primarily for the person who we think wronged us. The purpose of forgiving is really for us to feel centered and peaceful again.  It is to free up our energy and make it available for constructive purposes. Let us attempt to rise a little higher today and let go of our anger, hatred and resentment, and become peaceful again within ourselves by giving much needed forgiveness to those we hold a grudge against.
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Set yourself FREE!

~The pain of leaving a relationship that is not serving it’s purpose is NOTHING compared to the pain of staying. When you leave, you set yourself FREE! When you stay, you give them permission to hurt you. Someone that chooses to hurt you, control you, own you, humiliate you, does not love you and when you stay or take them back again and again then YOU continue to hurt yourself. Be strong, love yourself, forgive yourself for the mistakes that keep you there and move on! Remember what makes you happy and do it! Say NO to them and YES to you! It’s not easy at first but it does get easier and is so so worth it, you’re worth it!~

Full of hatred ..WHY.

~If you keep thinking of all the ways in which others cheated you, fought with you, degraded you or angered and blamed you instead of looking At themselves ; your heart will forever be full of hatred. Learn to let go. And be happy.~

 I am ME Joanne Wellington. I am perfectly imperfect. but I am HAPPY. I am Kind. I am Compassiontionate. I am LOVE. I believe in forgiving everyone for everything so my soul doesn’t get ripped apart. I choose my battles…and  sometimes I don’t its life…its all part of a learning process. I have learned to deeply love myself and to put myself above anyone else first it’s the only way to stay intact don’t let people drag you down in any way as someone will always try . I forgive myself on a daily basis to get through. But I am HUMAN. I am MISTAKES. I am a CYCLE. I don’t HATE. I don’t JUDGE. I don’t ENVY. I am the people who I serve and the people that I hate, therefore, I must treat the people that I love the way I expect to be treated and hate no one. I can only be ME and if that is not good enough for YOU, then go get…. stepping’ *wink* and take care.

 “I DON’T DEAL WITH NEGATIVITY AND PETTINESS”. I am BEYOND that so I will always keep it cool. I demand respect because I WILL NEVER DISRESPECT anyone of you. SO PLEASE COME CORRECT!

Cease all criticism of yourself and others. Accept yourself as you are. Praise yourself as much as you can. Criticism breaks down the inner spirit… of course you know your going threw it, praise builds it up. Look into a mirror often and simply say: I LOVE YOU, I REALLY LOVE YOU AND IM GOING TO LOOK AFTER YOU WELL .


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Learn To Forgive

Article written by David Nelmes

“You can let go of the past by understanding it has no meaning

  for what you are trying to accomplish today.

You can learn from the past, but you can’t live there.

Let it go. It will only hold you back.

Imagine a loved one, child, mother, wife, friend…. Now imagine a circumstance arose by which you felt betrayed by that loved one. Whether you really were betrayed does not matter. The fact you felt betrayed is the only thing that counts, because real or not, it is very real to you.

Without facts and knowledge, you have only your perceptions, but you might not be seeing things as they really are and should not put that much weight in their conclusions. All too often, you don’t see the full picture or have all the facts, so you should allow yourself to consider that your perception of a situation may be distorted, even though it seems clear to you. You could very easily have erred with that person and you wouldn’t have a clue as to how, why or where you are wrong. You can only conclude that the sun orbits the earth since you would definitely feel the earth moving if it were spinning. Never trust your perceptions by themselves.

Throughout your life, you may find it difficult to trust that person, or even to face them at all. We all experience the sense of betrayal differently, but it usually consists of feelings of anger, distrust, distance and uneasiness. It might also contain feelings of guilt and remorse for the relationship you wish you had, but don’t.

For most people, betrayal is treated by simply putting that other person out of your life. If you don’t see them or talk to them, they can’t hurt you any more. It is a form of denial, in that you are denying the possibility of the situation being repaired. Since you can’t even begin to comprehend how to repair the problem, keeping distance between the both of you appears to be the best solution.

Sooner or later, a situation may arise whereby you are in dire need of help and this person extends their hand to you. Your knowledge of the person ensures you that they can help you, but how could you possibly trust this person? How could you possibly let yourself be put into the position again where this person can betray you? In addition, letting this person help you would require you to forgive them, and that is exactly what you have to do. Forgive. If this were accomplished, there would be instant opportunities to establish trust. Once you trust, you can build. There will be no obstacle you can’t overcome.

foundation, restitution, yesterday, tomorrow, future, past, today, trust, unconditional, spiritually uplifting, uplifting articleYou have the opportunity to create the foundation for a new beginning with anyone in or outside of your life. Whether you have a current need of them or not, having unconditionally forgiven them will open the doors of peace and trust. This will provide an opportunity to build a new relationship.

How do you forgive? There a just a few simple things you must consider:

  1. Nothing in the past can be undone
    Restitution can be made for past events, such as replacing property stolen or fixing items broken, but you can not undo the fact that the situation occurred. You need to let go of the past by understanding it has no meaning for what you are trying to accomplish today. You can learn from the past, but you can’t live there. Let it go. It will only hold you back. Your future and the future of those around you do not have to be based upon the past. Think of your grown children. At some point you must forget how you viewed them in the past or you will always view and treat them as a child. Just as you release the past for your children to accept them as grown adults today, you must release the past for those that hurt you and treat them as unblemished today. If you let go of the past, forgiveness is automatic.
  2. The future can not be controlled
    Promises are our way of creating bonds with loved ones and business partners, but how shallow and how pointless are these promises when we realize that there is no way we can guarantee what the future may hold. We can’t control the future. We can’t control what we promised it would be. If our promises are not kept, we are both at fault for having believed the future could be controlled in some way. Make goals; have dreams; have expectations, but don’t cast blame when things don’t unfold as planned. There should be nothing to forgive because you are both equally wrong for having put faith in such expectations. Learn from it, grow from it, plan for it, but never cast blame. Just keep moving forward.
  3. Today is all that matters
    Having set aside guilt or hatred from the past and not allowing yourself to be stressed or affected by events that may or may not happen in the future, Today is the most wonderful and beautiful day of your life. Your ability to think, feel and appreciate will grow to levels you never dared dream, and the peace of living will return to you. Life is not stressful once you’ve let go of the past and stopped looking so far into your future. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never happen. Live for today. It’s the only place you’ll ever be and it’s all that matters.


david_nelmesDavid Nelmes – David considers it a wonderful blessing that his insight and writings can provide opportunities for those around him to see things from perspectives they had not considered before. He pursues Gods truths and is open and willing to see what God would have him see. He invites you to join him.

His influences consist of truly being open to seeing and applying the truths he has discovered through life and through both the “Bible” and “A Course in Miracles“.
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