Top 10 Signs You’re Dating a Butthole:

10. He tells you what to wear – This subtle sign is often overlooked or disregarded as just a way to please him by wearing what he likes. What many women fail to realize is that there’s a very fine line between wearing what he likes once in awhile and totally transforming your look to please him.

9. He doesn’t let you talk to or hang out with your friends anymore – If your man is trying to restrict who you hang out with or even talk to, this should send you a red flag. You shouldn’t have to stop hanging out with your friends just because you have a boyfriend.

8. He makes you feel like you’re walking on eggshells – I think this is one of the biggest red flags you can get in a relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but no matter how bad things get, you should never feel like you’re walking on eggshells.

7. You’re afraid to talk about certain things for fear of his reaction – This really goes along with number 8. You should feel like you can talk to your significant other about anything without fear of how he will react. The person you choose to spend your life with should never make you afraid to talk to them, no matter what the subject of the conversation is.

6. He pressures you into sex – I know the saying is cliche but it’s a tried and true one – if he really LOVES you, he will be willing to WAIT when you’re ready. I can’t emphasize on this point enough!

5. He accuses you of doing things for no reason – like if he accuses you of cheating, for example, when you never have. No person should have to put up with this.

4. He calls you fat, worthless, a slut, etc. and just generally puts you down – If your boyfriend calls you names, it’s definitely a warning sign. He is trying to break down your confidence and make you feel unworthy in life, so you’ll feel like he’s the only one that will ever want you. Don’t believe it.

3. He makes you give up your religion – If your boyfriend makes you give up your religion to be with him, this is a sign he doesn’t value who you are as a person. Afterall, your values are grounded in your religion, and if you give that up, you might as well give up all the values that go along with it. He should encourage you to study your religion if he truly loves you.

2. He pressures you to do drugs, drink, etc. – This one goes along with number 3 – Once he gets you to give up your values, it’s all downhill from there. And if he’s addicted to drugs or drinking, he wil more than likely try to suck you into his addictions – misery loves company, afterall

1. He hits you – This is the number one sign that something is definetly wrong. I don’t care what you said or did, if anything, but you don’t deserve to get hit. If he is hitting you, it’s time to dump him. Again, you (or anyone for that matter) DO NOT DESERVE TO BE PHYSICALLY ABUSED. Your significant other should make you feel safe and even protect you.

Well, that’s all.

By Valia