Ask yourself this, Am I interpreting this accurately!

So often when strong emotions are involved

We create stories in our heads of what we feel is happening and why, and then convince ourselves it’s the truth and not just our perception of what the situation really is.

This can create unsettling thoughts, feelings, and reactions that can lead to further distress and issues that don’t need to be. It is valuable in these moments to ask yourself; “

Am I interpreting this correctly?

Is there something I may not be seeing?

Information I may be missing?

What else is possible?

What else could cause that person to act this way?

The other day I was visiting a friend when her neighbor came outside.

She smiled and said hello. The neighbor gave a slight nod and as quickly as she could, went back into her house. My friend, shocked by the reaction of the neighbor she considered a friend, immediately started trying to sort why her friend was so cold and distant. She started talking about all the times she helped her and was there for her and she treats her like this… she obviously takes her for granted, she’s obviously only nice when she needs something, apparently they were never really friends and she was a fool for being so kind and generous.

She decided that she wasn’t going to be as kind as she had been previously. She did not deserve to be treated that way and she was hurt.

Listening to my friend, I asked her if she could think of anything else that would make her friend behave that way? I asked if there were ever times that “she really didn’t want to be around people”, even people she cared for? I didn’t know the real reason this woman responded that way but, I could see my friends hurt increasing the more she tried to figure it out!

In the end, it turned out that her neighbor just found out her sister was diagnosed with cancer.

You really need to ask yourself “often”, Am I interpreting this accurately or, am I projecting how I feel onto what is actually taking place? because most often than not this is the case and can save a lot of heartache for you and who is involved please take care of your thoughts.

As always Wishing you health, peace, equality, and empowerment.
Xxx J.W 🙏💙

Awareness – ask yourself?

Does this support the Life I'm trying to create

Our choices create our future.

Too often we make life altering decisions without giving them any second thought or consideration.

We decide what to say, think, believe, feel, eat and do without taking a moment to truly reflect on the consequences of our decisions, only to be left wondering how our life got so out of control or ended up the way it did.

Alter our choices accordingly

To create lasting change in our lives, we need to begin to look at what we do that prevents it, and alter our choices accordingly. It couldn’t be spelled out any plainer than this.

Personally, I’m thrilled to have the power of choice at my finger tips. What I have learned over time is that this power needs to be used wisely.

Look at all your options, because once you make the choice, it’s your responsibility to deal with the consequences. Good or not so, there are always consequences!

Effective way to do so

One rapid and effective way to do so, is to… Continue reading.

Physical pain doesn’t phase many people…its the mental that creates such problems…

Written by Joanne Wellington

Physical pain doesn’t phase many people…its the mental that creates such problems…if one is mentally hurting themselves through thought why should every one else suffer around them it achieves absolutely nothing “its wrong” …

if your desires are not materializing as quickly as you want, ask yourself :

  • am I trying to hard too make something happen?
  • do I have underlying fears that my dreams wont come true
  • do I have fixed ideas about how I desire my life to be
  • am I blaming someone for this situation so I cant blame myself. fact only you is to blame hard but true.

any “yes” answers indicate a need to let go and surrender for the sake of your well being yourself and all around you…when you wish to control situations or people ( including yourself) its simply a sign of fear and distrust the world can become your enemy…turn negativity into positive…worry, anger, resentment, and the likes are called “negative emotions” because they drain away time and energy… since feelings such as joy  elation and hope increases your power levels, they’re called “ positive.” Worry is a normal human habit. yet its effects are undesirable, including stress, tension, aging, addictions, sleeplessness, and time consumption. And the same is true for all negative emotions. You can transform these feelings into positive ones by remembering this:

Usually anxiety is the basis of negative emotion. It’s a fear of losing something or someone, or having it withheld from you. its an affirmation that some power other than yourself is in control…. its like the more you value a dream, the more important the desire is to deliver to yourself ..but not realizing that your inviting a parade of anxiety if it don’t work out which could march all over your dreams and smother the life force out of it stopping you from going “forth” at that moment. There is a point were every one has to release and realize… if your trust has been shaken and you feel the need for iron clad guarantees, there are better ways than mental `or physical torture witch does begin with yourself then the next person that you feel is hurting you and so forth whether they are or not…( just let go) know that you or this other individual simply needs reassurance that’s it . WHY go through such pain its simply not worth it… only you can manifest the perfect outcome to any situation but it has to be for the best from good intentions the more you’re aware of this truth, the more peaceful you’ll feel. And with peace comes the knowledge that everything truly is under control. . just find balance an important part of our life’s purpose involves making decisions having responsibilities and having duties to perform, sometimes we may wonder how to achieve a balance these different demands they are conflicting for many people …. by holding a positive mind-set even through the bad, the bad is there for a reason it is a main part of our lives it helps change our way of thinking for the better but you have to believe this …love is also an important need a desire in our life and noticing this is a simple route to happiness but you Have  got to give to receive …(positive mind set) love and balance …there a vital investment that pays huge dividends’ in terms of increasing energy, motivation, and inspiration to go forwards in our life.

Make a fresh start in your life today you can change your mind set within a moment, for the better life can only be as good as what you what you want to make it.