Take 100% responsibility for your life.

Take 100% responsibility for your life. Blaming others, giving excuses, or coming up with victim stories only keep you from getting what you want.  Successful people practice asking “How did I create that situation?“, “What did I do or not do to have this outcome?”.
When you blame others forsetbacks, you become a powerless victim. What ever the life situation, you always have the power of choice. While you cannot always control outside situations, you do have the power to change yourself and respond differently.

When you believe that you are a victim, by law of attraction, the universe will bring you more reasons to strengthen the belief that you are a victim. Only when you bring the focus towards self and start taking complete responsibility for your life experiences do you start to become the powerful creator of your life. In other words, taking complete responsibility moves you from being a victim towards becoming a victor.

Thought for the day.

Consciously or unconsciously, you created your present with all the thoughts you thought in your past. In the same way, the future you create will be based on the thoughts that you think today. If you choose negative thoughts, you are creating a future you do not want. Conversely, if you choose positive thoughts, you are creating a future that you want. Being more and more aware of your thoughts and choosing more and more positive thoughts that you act on is thus the key to create the future you want.