Jealousy~anger~Beating The Old Green Eyed Monster

Jealousy can ruin your friendships, work relationships, and even your most  intimate relationships. Jealousy often stems from insecurity and low self  esteem. If you find yourself becoming jealous in many of your relationships, you  might want to seek professional help to find out the root of the problem.

 Jealousy  is a road of  feeling betrayed ,full  of anger and having a need for revenge that will get you nowhere  fast …”self torture”

Women are more likely to have issues with jealousy than men, but both sexes  are known to suffer from it. For women, the feelings of jealousy are often a  reflection of how they see themselves compared to other women. If you think  another woman is prettier, sexier, and can talk to men easier, you may become  jealous of what she has to offer.

The first step in overcoming jealousy is becoming aware of it. Write down  what triggers your times of jealousy. Take a look at that list. Look for a  common theme of situations and individuals who are on your list. It can be  difficult, boy you are going to have to ask yourself some difficult questions  about why you feel jealous. Avoiding feelings of jealousy allows the fire to  continue while dealing with them puts the fire out.

Seeking the help of a counselor is a great way to help you work through your  jealousy. They will help you identify the underlying factors as well as provide  you with assignments to make behavioral changes to help you resolve those  factors. You will need to improve your relationship with yourself before you are  able to improve your relationship with others.

Perception plays a large role in jealous. For example you may be jealous that  your best friend has found a new friend she spends a lot of time with. You can  perceive this as your friend not wanting to be with you as much and think  terrible things about the other person. In reality, your friend is just opening  her circle wider. You can initiate the idea of the three of you doing something  together. You may discover this other person to be a great person, and thus  forge a new friendship that involves the three of you.

“You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished “by “your anger.”- Buddha

Overcoming jealousy isn’t always easy. It involves addressing the issue head  on. Be honest with yourself and with those around you rather than pretending the  feelings don’t exist. Jealousy can leave you drained and angry. It takes a lot  more energy to deal with jealousy than it does to let it continue to rage out of  control.

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Joanne Wellington

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  1. Hey, this is a pretty all-in-one package for those who are in need of direction to overcome and fight ‘jealousy’. In fact, a job well done! I am quite sure that this is gonna bless many people. Good Work! May you use your talent to inspire many people:)


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