Finding Your Path In Life

path-of-lifeUnderstanding your path in life is more about finding out who you are than being who you think you should be. We often go through life living a blueprint of our lives.  Following plans laid down ages ago, acting out a future to please others or even ourselves.  We choose not to let go of the ideal so that we can fulfill some grander plan we have devised, often without thought to our true happiness.  Why do we let happiness escape our plans, why do we live a life that we are not destined for?  Why do we not even try to seek that which we are meant for?  Often, we choose the safest route, one we can see and understand, one we know we can do so that we will not fail.  Failure being the worse course of action, because if we fail at our plans, what are we worth.  Failure isn’t always planned, but sometimes losing at something means there is another way.  If that path closes, perhaps what you were meant for is something different, something better and more in tune with the real you.

Letting go of our forward charge in life, seeing past what we have decided to be, and seeing beyond how we think we should fit in with society  is learning the truth so that you can find where you really are supposed to be, how you are meant to live, and what you meant to do. When you chose your path, did it come from experience, from thought, or from others?  What if there is a path out there just for you that is not connected to any of these?  What if it is something you have never heard of or thought of before?  Our plans do not fill our hearts; they are simply a connection to our past, a chosen path for whatever reason.

Imagine if all possibilities were laid at your feet and you felt comfortable enough to choose any of them. Do you think your life then would have been different if you had only known?  It is never too late to live the life you are destined for.  If you can think of one thing that is close to you and your heart, the idea that makes you happy, let it go and imagine all the possibilities that stretch out from that point.  How many different directions could it lead you towards?  Where could you go and what could you do with it?  There is never only one path in life; there are many ways to get you to one point.  What path is right for you may have a lot to do with where you are, how you see yourself, and where you are coming from.   Our lives are not put inside of a box; there are many options connected to just one idea, with many ways and avenues leading out from there.

Let your imagination go, dream big, and open up your heart to the possibilities of your future. It never has to stay the same way; it can always change.  When we feel stuck, it is because we have given up on ourselves; we have let ourselves go along with a destiny we planned out, even if it no longer excites us anymore.  We can always change directions; stagnation comes from letting go.  Engage, find, and relate to your hopes and dreams, and do not confine them within your own reality; let it open up to all the possibilities it could be.  Find the path that feels right, that lets you go with the flow of the real you , and no longer defend old choices; instead, be brave and accept new ones.

Zoe Young and Adam BenedettoAbout the Author:

Adam Benedetto and Zoe Young are both dedicated to enabling others to reach their full potential in life, to help others release what is holding them back, and to find their true selves. Through years of experience and development, both have sought out the answers we all need to find peace, understand ourselves, and reach enlightenment.

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Joanne Wellington

Joanne is: Author, intuitive and founder of a network of sites and blogs dedicated to helping you define, refine and achieve your grandest dreams! For empowering tips, articles and resources, visit or and begin your transformation today! Joanne always says...I don't care how much money you make, what color your skin is, where you live, what you drive, whether you're gay or straight, fat or thin, tall or short, beautiful or average. If you're my friend, I love you dearly, and that is ALL that counts! Positivity is free for the taking, inspiration awaits only to be recognized and confidence is always encouraged, her mission at medium2spirit, World of Inspiration is to inform, to inspire and empower people to be their best, both personally and professionally.

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