Know The Power Of Letting Go

Let-GoKahlil Gibran:

“If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don’t, they never were”

This famous love quote has implications for other facets of your life too.

When you let go of a problem, a goof, a project, a chore or a puzzle; The answer will come to you, perhaps not as you had envisioned it, but as is should be.

Sometimes the answer comes as an AHA moment. You will know the solution.

Learning to Let Go can lead you to an amazing life.

Ancient wisdom teaches that what we resist we get. So it is time you learned to:
• Stop fighting
• Stop swimming upstream
• Stop pushing
• Stop trying to make life what it isn’t
• Stop playing God

In Judo suddenly giving way after a period of pushing or pulling can powerfully throw your opponent off balance and the same is true when wrestling with life.

Learn how to let go. When you do, you will discover real power.

As you practice letting go, you’ll discover the process is full of paradoxes, you have to let go in order to achieve or progress.

Remember that, “What we resist, persists.”

Tao Te Ching:

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

The basic tenet of ancient teachings on health and relaxation such as the tai chi, martial arts and yoga is all about learning to let go.

Letting go is NOT:
Giving up
Being weak
A lack of faith

It is about having the wisdom to back off and allow a Universal Power to work on the problem.

E. Fritz:
“The hardest part of anything is the beginning, and the second hardest part is letting go when it’s the end.”

Reasons to Let Go:
Let it go to grow
As protection against a burn out
Release dependency on the problem
Get a better solution
Too often we stay locked in a battle with life or a relationship when the best thing we could do would be to let go, stop resisting and turn it over.

Letting  go is one way of releasing us from our addiction of control.

Letting go is often the best solution.

Let go of:
1. Bills
2. Kids
3. Spouses
4. Who left the toothpaste out
5. The future

You’ll find that you’re not in charge of the world.

Letting go is releasing dependency in relationships and dependence on problems.

We are actually dependent on the worry and pondering of trying to solve  problems. Letting go is a much better solution.

Joseph Campbell:

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.”

No matter your spiritual path you can learn to let go. There are no dogmas or doctrines to the practice of letting go. Surrendering is not bound to any faith.

Just let the Universe take over. The solutions will amaze you

“Sit quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself.”

When all else fails, let it go.

Several questions arise, such as:
When do you take it back? You’ll know because you’ll have an answer.
When does something happen? When it does.
What if nothing happens. It will.
Where does it go when I let go? It goes to the Universe.

People call it God, Buddha etc. It goes to the power that runs the Universe, no matter what we call it.

It goes out and if you truly let it go, it will come back resolved.

When you experience repeated set backs and road blocks; learn to surrender. It will have a powerful effect. It will open you to new choices.

Remember, when you feel stuck. Stop

Let go of your wilful need to change and control the world. Instead, work on transforming yourself.

When you don’t know what to do, turn left.

There is power in letting go. You ask, “does letting go work?” Absolutely, that is why there are volumes written on the topic.

More Tips:
• Relax, learn to let go, your needs will be met.
• Stop struggling and wasting valuable energy. Release it.
• Not religious? Well just say what have I got to lose, I’ve tried everything else.
• You don’t even have to believe, just try it. It works.
• Stop trying to have everything go your way. That’s not how life works.
• Take several deep breaths, let it all go.
• Go do something else.
• Stop efforting, questioning, planning, scheming, and plotting.

You will feel renewed strength and courage. You will sense that all is well.


The Universe does not leave voids.
Trees in a storm bend so as not to break. Could we learn from them?

Letting go is to learn that you’re not God.

Copyright © Wee Dilts 2009

Detaching and Separating from Ego


The purpose of this short paper is to inform the reader of what their ego is, the difference between their ego and themselves, and teaches one how to separate themselves from their ego.  This paper is inspired by a good friend of mine who had many questions concerning this very topic.  I decided to take the log of my response to him and transform it into an article format.

The Aspects of Oneself

A person has many aspects of themselves.  For the purpose of keeping this simple, and to help the reader to understand and comprehend the importance of this article, I will only focus on two aspects that make up their collective.  One is known as “ego” and the other is known as “soul“.  What is this ego though?  The ego can be defined as the material and worldly aspect of yourself.  Herein I will list a few common definitions found on the web detailing what the ego is….

Ego –

1. An exaggerated opinion of your own importance
2. An inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others
3. A conceited and self-centered person
4. Characteristic of those having an inflated idea of their own importance
5. Characteristic of false pride; having an exaggerated sense of self-importance

Ill stop here but I think you can grasp the general idea of what the ego is.  Now your ego is not the real you. Its the materialistic worldly aspect of yourself.  The ego is your body and your mind, which includes thoughts and their resulting emotions.

Your soul may be defined as the immaterial part of oneself. Your soul is the real you, inhabiting this body.  It is your consciousness, your awareness.  The part of you that is aware of your existences, aware of your thoughts, your body etc.  The soul itself is just the part of you observing.  It is NOT the part that makes judgments such as, “I can do this”, “I can’t do that”, “This is good”, “That is bad.” etc.  That is just your ego, part of your minds thoughts.  That is just your brain.  Your soul is just the part of you that is aware that you have these thoughts.

I Can’t Do This!

So, some people will say, “But Sy, I can’t meditate, it’s too hard.” *sighs* It is your mind… you see?  If you can’t control it then how are you going to do psionics or any other magical practice?  Think of your ego as a little untrained horse.  It just runs around and does whatever because you haven’t trained it to obey you, the soul.  You are the one in control, not the ego.  And this is where you need to make the separation.  You are not your ego, you are not your body, you are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions.  You are aware that you have them, but you are not them and therefore you are not controlled by them.

For example… and this could be anything, but here is an example.  Let’s say you have trouble visualizing your energy shape into a psi ball.  Well… maybe your brain is thinking, “I can’t do this.”  “This is hard.”  “I can’t see a sphere in my mind.”  This is where you are letting that little horse have it’s way.  You need to step in and train it right there.  The way you do that is like this.  First… you need to sort of step out of your ego, and into your soul.  Thus, observing your thoughts/feelings.  So as you meditate or relax, then mentally go into the back of your head and observe your thoughts.  Don’t judge them, because then it’s not really you the soul.  Just watch them, you aren’t there to be a critic.  So just observe your thoughts, and the feelings that result from each particular thought.

I Am In Control 😀

You need to come to the point where you realize, that your thoughts do not control you.  It is your mind, you control it.  If you haven’t trained it properly, it will be like a disobedient child.  So if you think something like, “I am losing control.”  Just stop your mind right there and say something like, “Wait…”.   And then replace that negative thought with one that you choose.  This is pretty much how you detach, just be the observer of your ego, step into the soul the real you.  You are in control, sometimes though, our minds misbehave because we have neglected to train them.  Kind of like a kid, or a horse.  One important thing you need to do while doing this, is to breathe deeply into your stomach and relax all of your muscles.  Don’t breathe into the chest, always breathe deeply and into the stomach.  That will help you get out of the ego and into your soul.

The point of breathing into your stomach is that, when we normally breath into our chest, we do not fill our lungs totally, which doesn’t give us our full supply of oxygen.  It only fills the top section of our lungs, the mid and lower section doesn’t receive as much.  Breathing in through the lower stomach section allows us to take in more air and oxygen which promotes further relaxation and blood flow.  By breathing deeply into your stomach(not too deep but what feels comfortable and not straining), you will also notice that your mid section and part of your chest if not all, will fill as well.  There is a technique that is taught  and known as, the Yogi Complete Breath.  The Yogi Complete Breath utilizes the teachings of low-breathing(breathing in through the stomach), mid-breathing(the middle section of our lungs), and high- breathing(inhaling air into our chest), bringing into use the entire respiratory apparatus(your lungs).

I personally find that such precise breathing exercises are not really my forte and I would rather breathe in the way I am comfortable with and what works best for me instead.  This is in no way discrediting or shunning Yoga, or exercises such as the Yogi Complete Breath, I simply find that my way works better for me.

When learning to detach and navigate your own mind, you will find that you are also able to choose your thoughts.  It might be hard at first if your mind is untrained, but after a while it will become very obedient to your will.  This is probably the reason alot of people suck at psionics.  They aren’t aware of this, and go around as if they are slaves to their own mind/emotions.  They act like they have no control over this.  They act like victims to their own mind.  If you ever feel depressed, stressed out, happy, sad, good, bad.  Remember you are choosing to feel that way.  What you feel is a result of what you are thinking.  It is completely your choice.

To me, this is pretty much the basics of everything psionic.  All energy working is based on control over your own mind and intents.  So if you do or don’t like something about your life, its probably your responsibility and your choices that got you there.  If your spells/constructs fail, again that is your own responsibility.  If you want to have a failure/success mindset and thought patterns, it is entirely your choice.  It’s your choice what you want to do.


I have come across few articles or papers that touch on this subject, and unfortunately many practitioners go throughout their paths not learning or acknowledging this fundamental lesson.  It is my hope that the reader has been able to get something out of this paper which will assist them in their spiritual journey in whichever path it is they are on.

SylarAbout the Author:

The internet alias that I go by is Sylar.  Like most people who search and are interested in things of this type, im a knowledge freak who desires to know how everything works.  Obviously this has caused me to stumble upon occult knowledge and learning about the occult sciences.  I have always had experiences that would be classified as psychic and paranormal throughout my life, and have taken it upon myself to teach others about hidden knowledge and occult studies.

I run an organization called Psionics Institute. Psionics Institute is a non profit organization and community  dedicated to the study and attainment of knowledge in the occult sciences.  There, I teach anyone who wishes to learn about psychic abilities and occult phenonema.

Finding Your Path In Life

path-of-lifeUnderstanding your path in life is more about finding out who you are than being who you think you should be. We often go through life living a blueprint of our lives.  Following plans laid down ages ago, acting out a future to please others or even ourselves.  We choose not to let go of the ideal so that we can fulfill some grander plan we have devised, often without thought to our true happiness.  Why do we let happiness escape our plans, why do we live a life that we are not destined for?  Why do we not even try to seek that which we are meant for?  Often, we choose the safest route, one we can see and understand, one we know we can do so that we will not fail.  Failure being the worse course of action, because if we fail at our plans, what are we worth.  Failure isn’t always planned, but sometimes losing at something means there is another way.  If that path closes, perhaps what you were meant for is something different, something better and more in tune with the real you.

Letting go of our forward charge in life, seeing past what we have decided to be, and seeing beyond how we think we should fit in with society  is learning the truth so that you can find where you really are supposed to be, how you are meant to live, and what you meant to do. When you chose your path, did it come from experience, from thought, or from others?  What if there is a path out there just for you that is not connected to any of these?  What if it is something you have never heard of or thought of before?  Our plans do not fill our hearts; they are simply a connection to our past, a chosen path for whatever reason.

Imagine if all possibilities were laid at your feet and you felt comfortable enough to choose any of them. Do you think your life then would have been different if you had only known?  It is never too late to live the life you are destined for.  If you can think of one thing that is close to you and your heart, the idea that makes you happy, let it go and imagine all the possibilities that stretch out from that point.  How many different directions could it lead you towards?  Where could you go and what could you do with it?  There is never only one path in life; there are many ways to get you to one point.  What path is right for you may have a lot to do with where you are, how you see yourself, and where you are coming from.   Our lives are not put inside of a box; there are many options connected to just one idea, with many ways and avenues leading out from there.

Let your imagination go, dream big, and open up your heart to the possibilities of your future. It never has to stay the same way; it can always change.  When we feel stuck, it is because we have given up on ourselves; we have let ourselves go along with a destiny we planned out, even if it no longer excites us anymore.  We can always change directions; stagnation comes from letting go.  Engage, find, and relate to your hopes and dreams, and do not confine them within your own reality; let it open up to all the possibilities it could be.  Find the path that feels right, that lets you go with the flow of the real you , and no longer defend old choices; instead, be brave and accept new ones.

Zoe Young and Adam BenedettoAbout the Author:

Adam Benedetto and Zoe Young are both dedicated to enabling others to reach their full potential in life, to help others release what is holding them back, and to find their true selves. Through years of experience and development, both have sought out the answers we all need to find peace, understand ourselves, and reach enlightenment.

The Voice of Self Belief -The Inner Coach.

Do you remember when the last time was when you asked yourself, “who am I, and what do I stand for?” I bet it was rather a long time ago. The reason is like most people, you take yourself for granted. Hardly anyone thinks in sufficient depth about their beliefs, even though they are crucial to what makes a person an individual.

The question is what is a belief? Well a belief is a feeling of certainty about something particularly connected to yourself. Most beliefs are formed during childhood: the opinions of elder family members have a great influence on how a person turns out in life.

Beliefs can be separated into two straightforward categories – positive and negative. Having positive beliefs leads to a positive way of thinking and helps lead you towards your life goals. On the other hand negative beliefs produce negative behaviour. The main contributor to negative beliefs and thinking is the inner critic.

Do you know that little voice you hear in your head that tells you that you that you can’t do this, or you can’t do that? Well, that is what life coaches call the inner critic. The inner critic is great, and in fact essential, but only if it is kept under control. However, when the balance becomes upset, your inner critic can become a harmful energy in your life. An unchecked inner critic can wipe out your self-confidence in an instant.

The great news is though you also have the inner coach. This is the voice of self-belief, support and success. Your inner coach is the part of you that finds the solutions to problems, and gives you inspiration, and guides you towards your life goals.

Think which is the loudest in your head the inner critic, or the inner coach? Are you your own coach or your own worst enemy? If you think about it, it is a lot easier to criticise and be harsh on yourself than to go out there and do something constructive. The reason why most people don’t achieve what they want in life is because they listen to much to the inner critic. The People that do make something of themselves listen more to their inner coach.

The best thing then is to develop your inner coach. When you do this you will then be making your mind work for you and not against you. Just think for a moment about how amazing the human brain is. Even the most intelligent people only use about 10% to 12% of their brain power. The brain is more powerful than all the worlds computers put together. The brain has within it almost unlimited power. What a shame it is then not to use it for personal development. Everyone has the chance to be extraordinary, yet so many people just sit in the darkness all because they are unable to change their limiting beliefs about themselves.

Dion DalyAbout the Author:

Dion Daly is a certified trainer in hypnosis, a master practitioner in NLP and TLT. HE also has a degree in metaphysics.

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Feeling overwhelmed and helpless?

Often times, life throws challenging situations at us that are beyond our control. Perhaps your relationship with your spouse is becoming worse and you are tired of trying to make it better. Or, you might have been laid off from a job and finding it challenging to meet ends. Perhaps your business is failing and unable to keep up with the competition. Or maybe you are tying to find the right life partner for many years now. In all the above situations, you tried your best to get what you want a number of times, only to encounter disappointment time after time. Now you feel overwhelmed and helpless with the problem at hand, and no longer believe that a solution is possible. Does this sound like you? If so read on.

Why do we give up?

Failure is painful. No one wants to try again and again just to fail each time and lose all respect of those around them in the process . In order to avoid further pain, our mind simply gives up on us. When this happens, one becomes unwilling to attempt anything further as the moment we think about the problem, all the painful thoughts of past failure overwhelms us, and all we are able to do is to give ourselves reasons why any action we take will not succeed.

The good news is that whatever  the life situation or whatever life throws at us, we can always turn it around once we decide to make it happen! Here are some tips to orchestrate the turn around :

1) Believe it is possible to succeed

The only real danger is your belief that there is no solution for your problem – that you are indeed helpless. You need to first remove this belief if you want to make any progress. The fact is that all power to find that solution lies within you – you are just not seeing the solution yet.

2) Your past is not equal to your future

Your future has got nothing to do with the past. By taking correct action in the present moment, you can create anything you want. Learn from the past but do not get stuck in it.

3) Practice Persistence

Success takes persistence. People who stick around longer without giving up open themselves to success more than people who give up easily when they fail a few times. Successful people never stop trying.

4) Do it better each day

While persistence is good, one needs to always look for better ways to solve the same problem. Get creative and see how you can solve the same problem in a better way, that you did not attempt yesterday.

5) There are no real failures

Each failure is a stepping stone to future success. Failures brings us much needed knowledge and experience that was lacking the last time around. If the correct lessons are learnt and applied from past experiences, success if not far away.

6) Consult with an expert

It is good to get some fresh ideas from other people who have experience and skill dealing with the challenges you are facing. For example, some relationships that you could not improve by yourself for over a decade can be turned around in a couple of months with help from a skilled relationship coach. The same goes with other areas of life such as your career, health and finances.

7) Stay positive and appreciative of what you do have

Just because one area of your life is not working the way you want, do not fool yourself into believing that your entire life has gone haywire. When we are focused on what is lacking, we just tend not to pay enough attention to what is working. Practice genuine appreciation of the areas of your life that are doing great. Whatever the situation, each one of us has a lot to be grateful for, that some others may not be blessed with.

8) Know that this too shall pass

No problem remains forever. Most of us have faced problems that perhaps felt like the end of the world many years back, that hardly cross our mind at this time. With continued right effort, you will find the solution much sooner than you think.