Mother Nature, Mother Earth , Tragedies.

Just look at the tragedies that are happening Japans Earthquake being one of them.

Mother Nature, Mother Earth . . . terms we use so frequently, but do we fully understand and embrace the meaning behind these words . .

Earth is a very important part of our lives. Most of us wouldn’t think of polluting our bodies would we?, yet we are polluting our planet by misuse and overuse of our natural resources. As responsible individuals we should at least do what we can to help reduce, reuse, and recycle what we can as a first step.

We are not completely to blame; we inherited a polluted Earth, but we can do something to ensure that our children can grow up in a cleaner, safer planet than ourselves. Don’t ever let someone get away with saying “what can I do, I am only one person”. Each and every person can do a lot, and you can influence others to do something as well.

I  want to try something new there are thousands of people that visit this site but yet very rarely leave a comment which is a shame as the more comments and views put forwards the more inspiring or interesting it can get.

Instead of me putting a row of tips on what we can do to help make mother earth a better and safer planet…. Iwant to ask “you the viewers” to leave a tip of your own in the comment box about what we could do to help our planet so other viewers can also read and be inspired… it would be bitterly disappointing to see no comments at all. So anyone that does leave a posting wow for caring about our planet and wow for taking part.

Positivity is free here for the taking, inspiration awaits only to be recognized and confidence is always encouraged, You are safe to like or comment anything on these page’s without the worry of getting judged that’s why this blog was created only for people who are inspired to do better and move forwards through life and help others I look forward to hearing from you with thanks.

Written by Joanne for Mediums World

Copyright © 2010,2015 Joanne Wellington All Rights Reserved.

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Joanne Wellington

Joanne is: Author, intuitive and founder of a network of sites and blogs dedicated to helping you define, refine and achieve your grandest dreams! For empowering tips, articles and resources, visit or and begin your transformation today! Joanne always says...I don't care how much money you make, what color your skin is, where you live, what you drive, whether you're gay or straight, fat or thin, tall or short, beautiful or average. If you're my friend, I love you dearly, and that is ALL that counts! Positivity is free for the taking, inspiration awaits only to be recognized and confidence is always encouraged, her mission at medium2spirit, World of Inspiration is to inform, to inspire and empower people to be their best, both personally and professionally.

2 thoughts on “Mother Nature, Mother Earth , Tragedies.

  1. Such a very important subject Joanne… also makes you look at how & what we can change in our own lives. How we should not take things or people in our lives for granted. As with all.. change must start from within ourselves, that’s how we change things around us for the better, we then get the “ripple effect” as “goodness” and “love” are infectious. Thank you for a great article once again.


  2. I am about to move yet again! Everytime I move I sell all our furniture, kitchen equipment etc. because I have always felt that a new start in another country needs new posessions, not to mention the costs of shipping everything. For this next move from Malta to Florida the same is happening, I am selling our belongings and have that same excitment of rebuilding a new home (for the last time, I hope) but, this time its going to be different as I have challenged myself to equip my new home with second-hand furniture and equipment apart from matresses! I feel more excited at this than going into a store to buy new stuff. I should have done this before but then, the people who bought my stuff were helping wern’t they? by buying second-hand off me! There must be tons of stuff around, surplus to requirment and unused, so lets try hard to think before we buy anything new, by asking around friends and family and looking in the newspapers or on-line and in second-hand stores I am sure that we can get what we REALLY NEED and that’s another discussion….what do we Really NEED?

    Millie Kelsey-Smith


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